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Ready to join the web automation revolution? With Macros Engine, we’re changing the way people build internet marketing apps.



FACT:  You don’t have to be a programming genius, or even have to know how to read a single line of code to create professional, highly productive marketing applications for your business.  
Check out the revolutionary software pro entrepreneurs are using to create stunning and professional windows based applications to grow their business online. 
All without learning to code! 
Start building web automation bots in just minutes using MacrosEngine easy to use interface!

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Why MacrosEngine?


Hey, my name is Aymen, and I’ve been building software solutions, plugins, and scripts for the SEO and internet marketing world for about 10 years now. I used every automation software under the sun. Most of the solutions available in the market are either too expensive, too buggy, or too complicated and have an insane learning curve!

That is why I went on a mission to make MacrosEngine. A powerful web automation and web scraping platform, that not only is very affordable, considering the competition but also very easy to use, very stable and will easily allow you to scale your projects like no other platforms available.

You might be saying: I have no tech skills, wouldn’t it be hard to build these type of applications ? Yes, in fact it would be, if you’re doing it the old fashion way, which is using a programming language, that is why we brought to you MacrosEngine, a web automation software that will allow you not only to build your own automation tasks and scripts to automate almost anything you do on the internet but also build complete software packages and sell them online, allowing you not only to make your online business 100 times more profitable but also building a whole new business making passive income selling niche software to users just like you.

Remember a certain idea you wanted to be automated before but you never found a software that was capable of doing all that, imagine you being able to build that in a single day, you don’t have to imagine because MacrosEngine has a complete toolset to allow you to do that and more, making it one of the simplest most powerful bot builders on the market.


So EASY a 7 year old can use it!


MacrosEngine was created by marketers, for marketers. MacrosEngine was designed over the course of 2 full years to be incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It’s the perfect fit for people who have little, to no programming or technical skills.

While we do have lots of tutorial training videos, an active and responsive customer support team, as well as a private Facebook group full of happy users willing and able to help with any questions you might have… you actually don’t need any of it to create your first bot within minutes.



Design Custom User Interfaces Like The Pros…


MacrosEngine have a powerful UI designer module that allows you to build your own user interfaces with ease, it’s all drag and drop. You can also create multiple windows and dialogs with ease using the forms manager so you can create a professional looking software with ease.



Solid Browser & Http Automation…


MacrosEngine uses the power of selenium to bring you the best web automation you can possibly have. MacrosEngine also is the only web automation software that uses HTTP & Socket automation to it’s full potential, building http automation bots has never been so easy.



Build And Compile to Executables…


MacrosEngine compiler is so easy and fast it literally takes few seconds to have your project ready to go. You can either ship your software as a zip file so you have full control over what goes next, or you can shoose to create an installer automatically.



Easy Visual Scripting Interface…


You shouldn’t worry about coding or programming because MacrosEngine’s visual task builder interface is so easy a 7 year old can use it, we combine easiness with power to give you a platform that does things on your behalf…



MacrosEngine is Perfect For :


Social Media Marketing Automation


Social media are the biggest source of traffic and leads, but it gets tedious and boring to do all your marketing by hand, that is why you should automate all your marketing efforts using MacrosEngine.


Data Mining & Web Scraping


If you are tired of manually gathering data from other websites, then you should consider automating it, MacrosEngine can automatically scrape web data into your database, spreadsheet or any other application.


SEO & Link Building Automation


If you want to get ahead of the curve SEO wise, then automating the whole process is the way to do so, from automatically analysing thousands of websites to automatically building links based on your own secret sauce, all now possible using MacrosEngine.



Functions And Features:


MacrosEngine has a huge list of features and functions that you can use to build strong web automation scripts, some of these features are:

  • Visual Scripting: everything is drag and drop
  • CSV File Reader: We have a CSV file reader that you can use to easily read CSV files on the fly and use the data in your bots.
  • Web automation: you have 3 different browsers to chouse from!
  • Http and socket automation: Http automation can be very complicated. With our easy to use, built-in Http automation modules, it will take you seconds, to set up a HTTP based bot.
  • Data manipulation: create variables, lists, data tables etc …
  • Folders and files manipulation: automate files and folders management with ease.
  • Text & Data Parsing: use XPath, Regex or CSS to grab data from websites, automatically.
  • Project debugger: test and run your application within MacrosEngine editor in one click.
  • Compile to .exe: create an install package of your newly built application, and ship it anywhere you want.
  • Captcha Solving: built in captcha breaking functions to bypass captcha protected pages.
  • OCR processing: If you want to read texts in images, then we got you covered.
  • Text spinning and rewriting: we integrated most of the text spinning services and APIs to use within MacrosEngine, effortlessly.
  • FTP automation: If you need to automate FTP access to your FTP accounts, we got you covered!
  • Loading And Saving files: XML, CSV, JSON files, and many more…
  • Built in text spinner: We have our own built-in text spinner, that you can use, without using third-party services.
  • Multithreading: Make your applications insanely fast by making it run multithreaded.
  • Zip/Unzip archive files: We have built-in .zip archive functions.
  • POP3/SMTP/IMAP: Automate access to your email accounts.
  • Forms and UI Designer: Design user interfaces with ease and without coding.
  • SQLite databases: Write/Read from SQLite database files.
  • MongoDB databases: Write/Read from MongoDB databases.
  • INI Config files reader: Write/Read from .ini configuration files.
  • Execute Commandline messages: Run CMD commands effortlessly.
  • Keyboard and mouse Input simulation.
  • White Label and royalty free Apps: Everything you build with MacrosEngine is owned by you and only you!
  • Create install packages in one click
  • Image filtering and manipulation: If you have 1000 images and you need to modify each and everyone of them, automatically, then look no further!
  • Macros socket scripting: to create HTTP templates like scrapebox and GSA, and execute them, without headache.
  • Etc…


Free Projects Bonuses:


When you order MacrosEngine today, you will receive the following project source codes, that you can plug in MacrosEngine to start using it right away:

  •     Proxies Scraper Bot
  •     Search Engine Scraper Bot
  •     Facebook Login Manager Bot
  •     Contact Form Submitter Bot
  •     Expired Domains Crawler Bot
  •     WordPress Poster Bot
  •     SEO Report Generator Bot
  •     Mass Domain Checker Bot
  •     Mass emails extractor Bot




  • What am i buying exactly? this is a one time fee with unlimited updates version, so you pay now and you enjoy a lifetime of updates!                  
  • Can i sell the bots i make with MacrosEngine? Yea you can, and it’s royalty free, that means you keep all the profits to yourself!      
  •  I’m a developper, can i build plugins for MacrosEngine? Yea you can, MacrosEngine has an API interface to build plugins!    
  • Will this work on my Mac? It will if you are using Parallels or VM ware! This is desktop software specifically designed to work on Windows based systems.                 
  • Do I need any tech skills? Not at all! We also provide simple video training to get you up and running in no time.
  • What versions of windows can i use? Our software is fully compatible with all current supported versions of Windows both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
  • How many computers can i run this on? You can install MacrosEngine on 2 machines!


What Are You Waiting For?

Get it for $197 (usually $297)

You can also use crypto to buy MacrosEngine