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The “no-code” App Builder You’ve Been Waiting For!

Build Bots, Web Automation Scripts, Web Scrapers, Marketing Apps…All With One Easy, Powerful Platform.

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Watch How We Build An App In Few Minutes!

Don’t take our words for it, see for yourself how easy it is to build a fully functioning domains availability checker application in just few minutes!


Design a user interface, everything is drag and drop, just imagine how your app would look like then design and voila!


Create your app logic! Everything is drag and drop, just choose from the list of ready made commands and functions, drag them to the node view, change your settings, and voila, no coding needed!


Click debug to run your application! Or compile to create a package to be shipped to your clients!

Building Business Applications Doesn’t Have To Be Hard!

FACT:  You don’t have to be a programming genius, or even have to know how to read a single line of code to create professional, highly productive marketing applications for your business.  

Check out the revolutionary software pro entrepreneurs are using to create stunning and professional windows based applications to grow their

business online.  All without learning to code! 

Start building web automation bots in just minutes using MacrosEngine easy to use interface!

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Visual Programming

You won’t actually be “programming” but rather dragging and dropping commands in what we call a “node view”. This is how you design your app logic.

Compile To Executable & Distribute

After you build your application project, you can compile it into a software package, so you can distribute it to your clients.

MacrosEngine Is Perfect For:

Social Media Marketing Automation

Social media are the biggest source of traffic and leads, but it gets tedious and boring to do all your marketing by hand, that is why you should automate all your marketing efforts using MacrosEngine.

Data Mining & Web Scraping

If you are tired of manually gathering data from other websites, then you should consider automating it, MacrosEngine can automatically scrape web data into your database, spreadsheet or any other application.

SEO & Link Building Automation

If you want to get ahead of the curve SEO wise, then automating the whole process is the way to do so, from automatically analysing thousands of websites to automatically building links based on your own secret sauce, all now possible using MacrosEngine.

Getting Leads & Customers

One of the things you can use MacrosEngine for is getting leads. Automatically scrape business directories to pull B2B leads then use the SMTP sender module to send custom email messages to all of them!

Rapid Prototyping

If you are looking to create a rapid prototype of your idea to pitch it to your investors or clients, then look no further. MacrosEngine’s easy to use interface will allow you to generate a application in just few minutes.

Web Testing

One of the most popular usages of MacrosEngine is web testing. If you developed an application and are looking for a great and fast way to test your web pages at mass scale, try MacrosEngine today!

Build Cool Apps With Cool User Interfaces!

MacrosEngine have a powerful UI designer module that allows you to build your own user interfaces with ease, it’s all drag and drop. You can also create multiple windows and dialogs with ease using the forms manager so you can create a professional looking software with ease.

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So Easy a 7 Year Old Can Use It!

MacrosEngine was created by marketers, for marketers. MacrosEngine was designed over the course of 2 full years to be incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It’s the perfect fit for people who have little, to no programming or technical skills.

While we do have lots of tutorial training videos, an active and responsive customer support team, as well as a private Facebook group full of happy users willing and able to help with any questions you might have… you actually don’t need any of it to create your first bot within minutes.