Free Email harvester and Extractor Lite 1.4 email extractor

MacrosEngine is an automation software builder that will allow you to build harvesters similar to email extractor lite 1.4 and email extractor lite 1.7.

MacrosEngine has some advanced features when it comes to email marketing, from scraping emails from web pages to actually sending the emails in a bulk manner, you can also customize your scripts to have UI forms and you can compile those scripts to standalone executables so you can share them or sell them for cash.

The source code below is similar to what Lite 14 email extractor does, but it adds few features to it, like loading a URLs list, going thought it one by one, and then strips email address from any of its content and gives you just the list of email address. MacrosEngine Email harvester Lite14 clone can extract email addresses online with ease from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, outlook, aol or any other email provider.

Email Extractor Lite Case Study

It allows to simultaneously extract dozens of emails from several different sites and can build a database of thousands of active emails in a few minutes.

You apply rules and filters on captured emails (a certain domain, a single email per domain number, management of an exclusion list (backup, load, add), keep or exclude only a category of emails, sites …


Extractor emails and fax extractor d the fastest
Build and complete your mailing list by collecting thousands of emails by sucking and filtering entire sites from specific keywords.

Multi threaded and very fast, able to extract thousands of emails in minutes.

Easy to use, minimal settings required.

Specify keywords and choose a global search engine or francophone, you are sure to get the emails you need. Filter by country, keywords.

List Of Features:

  • Email Extractor: scrapes emails from different Internet sources. such as directories, website, directories of professionals, yellow pages, newsgroups, whois
  • Storage of emails for fast import / export to other CSV or EXCEL applications.
  • Many filters and exclusion list AUTOMATIC A user sends you an email wishing to unsubscribe from your newsletters: this email is automatically deleted from your database!
  • Ultra-fast, multi-level search and suction engine. Includes major search engines and directories
  • Many filters and rules allow you to best target and organize your mailing.
  • Easy to use: enter a keyword: and click start!
  • Extractions of the emails of the professionals including Number of Fax, telephone, Reason social from French and world directories.

In future versions, the source code will have more features like scraping google or other search engines and then crawling pages up to 100 pages deep to collect emails and then saving them to a list.

If you own a license of MacrosEngine, you can easily open the source code, execute it in the built-in debugger or compile it to a standalone exe and having shipped as a standalone software.

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