What does the Image Filters command do :

You can use it to apply a list of filters to an image and save the modified version to a new image.

Image Path : the original image file to apply filters to
Filters Script : the filters script file, the filters should be one per line.
Save Image To : The new image file path to save the modified image to.

Filters script:
the commands for the script should be each in a new line!

Commands list + description:

AlignBlocks (align blocks in an image)
Binarize (adding binarization)
BlobsFiltering (remove dots and blobs from an image)
Blur (adding Blur filter)
Brightness:50 (adding brightness filter)
Contrast:50 (adding contrast filter)
CropEdges:2 (crop edges around an image)
Threshold:50 (Threshold binarization with a value)
Dilatate (Dilatation operator from Mathematical Morphology)
Dilate/ (Dilatation operator directed to the right)
Dilate\ (Dilatation operator directed to the left)
Erosion (Erosion operator from Mathematical Morphology)
Erosion3x3 (Erosion operator from Mathematical Morphology with 3×3 structuring element)
FillHoles (Fill holes in objects in binary image)

More commands will be added soon!