Crypto Payments, PAAPI5 Addon, WP Rest API and much more …


Hey Aymen here,

You may not hear everyone talking about MacrosEngine, yet, but we keep making big moves, and adding insane features. I just wanted to keep you up to date about what’s going on inside the community and what we are working on here.

Amazon PAAPI5 Plugin:

MacrosEngine now have a dedicated plugin to work with Amazon product advertising API (PAAPI). You can search and extract product information using your own private and public keys.

WP Rest API Plugin

We finished integrating WP Rest API with MacrosEngine. Managing hundreds of WP sites is no longer a struggle.

Restful Client

We just finished adding a Restful client to make it easier integrating popular Restful api.

The first Commercial MacrosEngine Plugin by Mouad

One of our users just launched his first commercial MacrosEngine plugin. It comes packed with plenty of cool and useful features:

We Support Crypto Payments:

We believe in crypto and we think it’s the future. That’s why we added support for crypto payments. Check it out on MacrosEngine’s homepage:

What’s Coming:

Auto Binders: 

Auto Binders is an upcoming feature coming to the UI Form Designer, that will allow you to bind a UI control to a variable, so every time you update either of them  the other one gets updated automatically. This will save you time updating between your UI and your code.

Importing/Referencing Projects:

We are also working on a feature where you can import another project inside your current project, either referencing it  only or importing it compeletely.

Charts Controls:

Charts controls are coming soon to MacrosEngine. You will be able to design Charts controls and update them in your code logic.

MacrosEngine Dashboard:

We are working on making MacrosEngine dashboard app go from just a licensing control script for your bots to a complete min crm dashboard to manage your entire botting/marketing apps business.

Secure your discounted copy of MacrosEngine here :