• Added Edit DataGrid Cell task action
  • Added NSIS as a compiler option
  • Added Debug Message task action (output messages to the error log)
  • Added Math Evaluator macros function (exp : 2 + 3 * 5 and Sin(0))
  • Added NumericUpDown UI control to the Form Designer
  • Minor improvements to the UI designer
  • Added Remove From List Task action
  • Fixed firefox not working properly.
  • Upgraded Selenium GeckoDriver
  • Fixed issue where some sites were detecting selenium in Chrome
  • Added accounts generator system macros functions
  • Fixed some issues with windows 10 SSL HTTP requests
  • Added ability to assign Images and Icons to controls in the Form Designer
  • Fixed issue where MacrosEngine freezes after clicking debug with no main window selected
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We will be releasing updates and patches more frequently this month as we get close to releasing version 1 (we are hoping it to be at the end of the current month), we will also work on more video tutorials, and case studies and release a new built in documentation system from within MacrosEngine.