The MacrosEngine team was busy making some cool stuff behind the scenes for our awesome community, and from time to time we like to keep you up to date on what’s going on behind closed doors! In case you are wondering, here is exactly what’s going on:

Extending the API features:

We added the possibility for the addons devs to modify the loaded projects in any way they wish, like creating tasks, creating forms, creating wizard tools, etc… the possibilities of what you can make your addons do are limitless! We know some of you guys have awesome ideas and we love to see them come to life, that is why we work closely with our addons devs to listen to their suggestions and concerns.
We also exposed the initialized Selenium WebDriver component to the API so you can extend the features we already have.

Adding Support for MultiLogin Browser:

This was one of the top requested features, so we made that happen! the feature is still in beta so rest assured that it will improve tremendously in future updates.

Importing Projects Inside Other Projects:

If you have an old project that you want to import inside another new project then your wish just came true!

What we are working on:

PS Engine:

this is one of the many ways we will add to MacrosEngine that will allow you to load other scripts inside the editor and turn them to commands without having to go through addons development. The PS Engine will allow you to convert PowerShell scripts to commands by loading them the same way you load an addon to MacrosEngine. More info about this will be released later.

HTMLRenderer UI Control:

the HTMLRenderer control will allow you to load HTML code inside your UI, this will make it easier for you to load charts, js code or any other HTML-based elements inside your UI.

Programatically building UIs:

we are working on a feature where you will be able to launch a complete UI without having to go through the Form Builder. The features will be limited to basic functionality to make it easier to launch these UIs without the complicated design process.

APIs Engine:

This will work the same way as the PS Engine, you will be able to create Restful scripts that connect to certain popular APIs and convert them to commands that you can easily use inside the node view.